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Talent acquisition’s guide to multi-file frameworks

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CoderPad now offers more realistic coding experiences for candidates with the multi-file framework interface. Interviewers can now mimic an actual job task with one of nine popular development frameworks like React, Node, Angular, and Spring.

A multifile pad with the file tree on the left, the file contents in the middle, and the rendered output and log console on the right.

What you need to know

Frameworks make for a more realistic interview experience.

Frameworks assess a wider range of skills.

  • Evaluate what a candidate can really do in a real work environment.
  • Start with an app that’s missing components, or has broken functionality, or needs data from an API—the only limit is your own imagination.

Frameworks include the same easy-to-use features as regular pads.

  • Simply click on the Create Pad button in your dashboard & select your framework.
  • Duplicate these pads for iterative interviews
  • Review playback mode to see how candidates interact with multiple files.

What it looks like

A pad is displayed. the following is shown:

See it in action:

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