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iCIMS + Interview integration

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⏱️ The take-home test time limit is set to 2 hours for all ATS integrations and is unable to be changed at this time.


You’ll first have to work with your account manager at iCIMS to have the integration set up and available to use in your iCIMS dashboard.

Create a pad

Once you have reached out to iCIMS and your integration has been set up, creating an Interview link is as easy as clicking on  Advance > Send CoderPad video interview .

A candidate is shown on a job role page. The advance button is highlighted in the top right of the screen, and the "send coderpad video interview" option is highlighted.

This will open up a summary window/modal with the pad link to send to your candidate and the interviewer(s).

A summary for a candidate is shown and the link to the live interview pad is highlighted.

Reviewing interview results

To review interview results like the code playback and the interviewer’s notes, simply locate the pad link by navigating to the candidate profile and viewing the Screen tab where you can copy the Share Video URL link and paste it in your browser to view the playback video.

On the screen tab of a candidate there is an arrow pointing to the "share video url" field.

Demo video

Tips and Tricks

We highly recommend taking advantage of the iCIMS Schedule Appointment and Email Template features to help the interviewer communicate with your candidates.

The additional info tab is selected at the top and the schedule tab is selected in the left nav. The schedule appointment window is displayed.
Schedule Appointment
The compose emails window is shown with the tempalte category and template name fields highlighted.
Email Template