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Update credit card on file

To update your credit card information, simply click on the Update Payment Information button under the Billing Overview section.

The image shows a section of a billing overview page from an online account. It includes details such as the current plan, payment method, and options for updating billing information. Here's a description of the key elements:

1. **Billing Overview Section:**
   - **Plan:** Indicates the user is on a "Free Plan" and has created 0 of 2 pads or tests in the current billing period. The quota was last refreshed on May 23, 2024, at 02:40 EDT.
   - **Payment:** Lists the payment method as a Visa card ending in 4242.
   - **Update Payment Information Button:** A button labeled "Update Payment Information" is highlighted with a red arrow pointing to it, suggesting it is the primary action to take on this page.

2. **Other Options:**
   - **Change Plan Button:** Located next to the plan details, allowing the user to change their current subscription plan.
   - **Add Extra Billing Information Button:** Located below the payment details, allowing the user to add additional billing information if needed.

This description covers the main components and functionality available on the billing overview page.

You’ll then see a pop-up where you can enter in the new or corrected card number. Click Update Card to finish the process.

The image shows a popup window titled "Credit Card Information" for updating a credit card. Here are the key elements:

1. **Title:**
   - "Credit Card Information" at the top of the window.

2. **Instructions:**
   - Text instructing the user to enter their credit card details and click "Update Card."
   - A note for further assistance, directing users to contact support at

3. **Card Number Field:**
   - An input field labeled "Card number" for entering the credit card number.
   - An "Autofill link" button adjacent to the card number field.

4. **Buttons:**
   - Two buttons at the bottom:
     - "Cancel" button on the left.
     - "Update Card" button on the right.

This description covers the components and functionality available in the popup window for updating credit card information.

Billing history

Need to check or download an invoice? No problem.

First, click on the settings icon ⚙️ and then select Billing:

The Interview dashboard is shown with the #1 next to the settings icon and the #2 next to the billing men item.

You’ll have access to your past invoices with the payment date, description, total amount, and status. You can view and/or download them by clicking on them: 

Payment history section shown with the date, items, total, and status columns shown.

You’ll also have access to your subscription details, your next billing due date, and the corresponding amount. This is also where you can change your credit card number if needed:

Billing overview section with plan, payment, and extra information section displayed.

To change your billing address, contact name, or add additional invoice recipients, simply click on the Add Extra Billing Information button and you can enter the new information in the window that opens up:

Extra information screen where you can update the business name, contact name, company address, and add additional invoice recipients.

Upgrading your plan

To upgrade your plan, simply select the settings icon ⚙️ in the top right of the screen, and then select Upgrade from the drop-down menu.

The settings menu is shown with the "upgrade" button highlighted.

If you upgrade your plan before the current one ends, your new plan will be prorated — you’ll only pay the difference between your current plan and your upgraded plan.


If you’re on an invoice-billed plan

Because overages on this plan are customized to your needs, you’ll need to reach out to your customer support representative for more information.

If you’re on a credit card-billed plan

In the case that you go over your pad and test quota we want to ensure that you can continue to assess your candidates without your hiring being interrupted.

If you’re on a monthly plan and you exceed your quoted amount of pads or tests, you’ll be charged an overage fee of $20/20€ per pad or test.

Payment history screen with plan amount, sales tax amount, and overage amount. Overages are stated as "Overage pads and tests (at $20/ unit)".

If you reach your annual quota limit before the year is finished, we will auto-renew you onto the same plan, and reset your renewal date to another full year in the future. We’ll send you a notification and you’ll have the option to cancel auto-renewal before this happens.

🤔 What criteria does an Interview pad or Screen test need to meet to count against your quota?

An interview is counted when two people join a pad and write code. If you create a take-home test with an interview pad, it’s counted when the candidate joins the pad and spends some time coding.

A test is counted when you invite a candidate to take it. If the test expires without the candidate taking it or you cancel the invitation within the billing period, it isn’t counted.

If you create a public link for mass recruiting like university recruiting, a test is counted when a person enters their details and opens the test.

Unused pads and tests

If you’re on an invoice-billed Enterprise plan

Pads or tests in the Unused state that are deleted within 28 days from the date they were created are returned to your quota. Attempting to modify or repurpose an unused pad or test that is within 28 days from the date it was created is exactly the same as deleting it and creating a new one — except it also removes the hassle of trying to recycle it into something else.

Pads or tests that were created more than 28 days ago, deleted past that period, or pads that are in the In Progress or Ended state are not returned to your quota.

ℹ️ You can find the number of pads or tests you have used on your billing page. That will let you know how many pads are remaining until your quota refreshes.

✅ We highly recommend enabling auto-end and auto-delete for your pads so they’re automatically cleaned up and you don’t have to worry about having open or unused pads accidentally started and become used.

If you’re on a Starter, Team, or credit card-billed Enterprise plan

We only count a pad once a second user has joined and made an edit, and do not return “unused” pads or tests to the account.

You can use batch pad actions to end or delete pads that you don’t intend to use.