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Billing history

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Need to check or download an invoice? No problem.

First, click on the settings icon ⚙️ and then select Billing:

The Interview dashboard is shown with the #1 next to the settings icon and the #2 next to the billing men item.

You’ll have access to your past invoices with the payment date, description, total amount, and status. You can view and/or download them by clicking on them: 

Payment history section shown with the date, items, total, and status columns shown.

You’ll also have access to your subscription details, your next billing due date, and the corresponding amount. This is also where you can change your credit card number if needed:

Billing overview section with plan, payment, and extra information section displayed.

To change your billing address, contact name, or add additional invoice recipients, simply click on the Add Extra Billing Information button and you can enter the new information in the window that opens up:

Extra information screen where you can update the business name, contact name, company address, and add additional invoice recipients.