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Importing questions

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You can import an existing set of up to 1000 multiple choice questions into Screen to use in your tests. First, you’ll need to create a CSV of the questions with the following fields:

FieldRequired?Data typeDescription
title✔️textTitle of the question
statement✔️textThe question statement
answer✔️textYou must have at least 2 answers; the maximum you can have is 10. The correct answer(s) should have an asterisks in front of it. Ex: *Correct Answer.
domain✔️textGeneral knowledge domain this falls under
duration✔️integerThe number of seconds the candidate has to answer the question. Must be >1.
skilltextThe skill being tested. The default is “Language knowledge”.
difficultyintegerLevel of difficulty for the question. Valid values are 1 for easy, 2 for medium, and 3 for hard. Default value is 2.
randomizationbooleanThis setting is used to randomize the answers. If set to true, the answers will be displayed in a random order. Default value is false.
pointsintegerThe number of points awarded by solving this question. Must be >0. The default value is computed automatically according to duration and difficulty.
languagetextLanguage the question is written in. Valid values are EN for English, FR for French, and ES for Spanish. Default is the language of the recruiter.
automatically_selectablebooleanAllows the question to be used in automatically generated tests. Default value is false.
shareablebooleanAllows the question to be shared with CoderPad for use in our public question library. Default value is false.
teamtextThe team that owns the question
multiple_selectionbooleanAllows the candidate to select more than one answer. Default value is false. Note that if you select more than one correct answer in the answer field, then this parameter can be disregarded.

✅ The boolean fields can accept three different binary values: 1/0, true/false, or yes/no.

Once you’ve finalized your CSV file, navigate to the Questions tab and click Create question:

The Screen dashboard with the Questions tab selected and an arrow pointing to "create question" button.

The Select question type window will open. In the top right of that window, click on Import CSV.

Another window will open up for you to select your CSV file. Once your file is uploaded, you’ll receive an Import summary which will contain a list of successfully imported questions, as well as any that were unable to be imported. You can however over the Failed icon to see why they question was unsuccessfully imported.

An import summary for 4 questions. There is a warning at the top that says "3 questions could not be imported". There are four questions, and next to 3 of them is an icon that says "failed". There is a mouseover one icon that says "row is missing values for the following columns: domain" and "not enough answers".

You can either fix the questions and re-import them, or continue only with the questions that were successfully imported by clicking on the Create [n] question button.

Your questions will then be imported, and you can view them under the Custom tab on the Questions dashboard.