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Webcam proctoring

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🅱️ This feature is currently in beta testing and only available with Enterprise-level plans upon request. Please contact us for further information.

The webcam proctoring feature prompts candidates to activate their webcam before starting the test. Throughout the test, periodic snapshots are captured and analyzed by our AI software to identify any suspicious behavior.

After candidates complete the test, you will have access to additional automatic alerts in the report.

The "warning" section of a candidate report is highlighted. the warnings are "no face detected at times during the test, several people were present at the same time during the test, and different faces were identified during the test".

For a detailed proctoring report, click on the Proctoring tab at the top of the report. This tab will allow you to review alerts and the corresponding captured snapshots for three patterns:

  • No face detected — the candidate has left the room, for example.
  • Multiple faces detected — the candidate is using unauthorized assistance.
  • A different face is detected — the candidate is having someone else take the test for them.
The webcam proctoring tab is selected. Below is a test timeline showing when the suspicious activity was detected. There are options to click on the suspicious activity for screenshots.

On entering the test, candidates receive instructions to ensure optimal test-taking conditions, and are directed to the relevant privacy policies.

⚠️ Candidates are not blocked from taking the test even if their webcam is inactive. A specific alert appears in the report if the webcam is inactive for part or all of the test.

When using this feature in your tests, you will have an additional option on the “Data retention” page to define how long webcam screenshots are stored and available for review. To comply with GDPR regulations, this data retention period is capped at 90 days.

As with other test settings, webcam proctoring can be activated on a per-test and per-team basis (for accounts with multiple teams).

To enable this feature, navigate to your Test Settings and scroll down to the Test integrity. Turn the Webcam proctoring switch on.

The test integrity block with the "webcam proctoring" option highlighted.