Take the guesswork out of tech hiring

Hire better developers with engaging, easy to set up coding assessments that get completed.

Assessments that anyone can run.

Generate well-balanced tests across roles and technologies. Simply enter your criteria and voilà! Technical skills not required.

  • Extensive question

  • Insightful test

  • Comparative scores

  • Cheat detection

We saw our completion rate increase to 95% vs. the technical assessment platform we previously used.

Griffin M., Talent Ops – Big Co. You Know.
Question bank with 70+ skills evaluated: javascript, java, python, react

Tap into an extensive question bank or create your own

Accurately benchmark skills with our library of questions organized by role and seniority

4K+ validated questions

70+ technical skills

100+ gamified questions

Fast, flexible and fair technical assessments

Get the whole hiring team feeling confident about moving a candidate forward.

Cheat-resistant gamified coding exercises

Technical assessments don’t need to be boring. Let candidates showcase their skills by coding to win a game.

Learn candidates’ strengths and weaknesses

Get the insights you need to decide who advances to the next round.

CoderPad test reports

Benchmark candidates’ skills

Discover how your candidates compare to others who’ve taken similar assessments.

Benchmark candidate technical skills coderpad

Get alerted of suspicious activity

Curb cheating with code playback, plagiarism detection and copy/paste tracking.

Cheating detection technical assessment

Tests without adverse impact

Our tests have been independently reviewed for fairness and validity.

Test creation technical experts
coderpad screen coding games challenges

The candidate experience candidates want to experience

Screen tests are relevant and engaging. 96% of candidates who start a test finish it.

realistic ide code editor coderpad
  • Familiar VS Code-based IDE Code in the environment used every day
  • Practice tutorials to prepare candidates Showcase their talent, not their stress
  • Second chance test retake requests On the off chance candidates have an off day
  • Language agnostic questions Screen for problem solving not syntax

Developers love the platform and game based tests. The pre-existing bank of questions allow me to create tests, in a simple way, without having to spend too much time on the process.

Sandy L.
Recruitment Manager at Meritis


Radically reduce your time to hire with assessments that get completed in an IDE that every developer knows.