Hire better devs with easy to set up technical assessments

Rank candidates for the engineering team, avoid mis-hires & have confidence you’re building a world class team.

CoderPad screen let's you screen technical candidates quickly and accurately.
Creating technical tests in CoderPad Screen is easy and quick.

Create your test in 60 seconds.
Even if you’re not technical.

Generate well-balanced tests across multiple roles and technologies. Simply enter your criteria and voilà!

Find the strongest candidates from a large group using CoderPad Screen for technical interviewing.

Spot the strongest candidates at a glance

Shortlist candidates in minutes with automated scoring and easy-to-read reports. Feel confident about the candidates you choose to move forward.

Gamified screening tests are more fun and engaging than boring tests.

Eliminate drop-off with relevant tests that aren’t boring

Send coding tests that developers actually complete. 96% of candidates that start a Screen assessment finish it.

A web based code editor with syntax highlighting makes candidates as comfortable as their usual development environment.

Comprehensive question bank

Assess accurately with questions for a wide range of skills and levels

Pick and choose from a vast selection of questions and build coding tests that support your ever-evolving hiring needs.

  • 4,000+ questions tailored to junior, senior or expert positions
  • 70+ supported technical skills. From Java to Django, we’ve got you covered.
  • All main technical roles from Front-End Developer to Data Scientist plus the possibility to create your own
  • Varied question formats. Game-based, coding exercises, multiple choice, free text and custom questions.
Scoring reports for candidates let you quickly filter out the top performers from a large group.

Insightful test reports and code playback

See how candidates code to shortlist effectively

Get an accurate snapshot of candidates’ technical strengths and weaknesses with detailed yet straightforward reports.

  • Automated grading for fast and reliable evaluation
  • Code playback to assess thought process and coding reflexes
  • Comparative score to benchmark developers against others in their field
  • Scoring by skills and technologies
CoderPad Screen can alert you to plagiarism and suspicious cheating behavior.

Anti-cheating features

Get alerted to plagiarism and suspicious behaviour

Ensure your candidate’s results are a true reflection of their skills with our built-in safeguards.

  • Randomize questions so candidates can’t share test details
  • Use code playback to see how candidates coded and when they pasted code (paste can be disabled)
  • Get alerts when abnormal candidate performance or plagiarism are detected
  • Verify candidate’s approximate geolocation
CoderPad Screen supports the most popular programming languages and development frameworks.

Technical assessment for all your needs

65+ languages, frameworks, and technical skills. You do it? We test for it.

  • Java, SQL, Git, Angular 2+, React, Data Science, Cyber Security, and many more.
  • Focus on front-end, back-end or combine them for a full-stack roles
  • See all supported languages and frameworks
  • Or create language-independent questions and let your candidate decide.
Customize your screening tests tailored to your specific requirements and job needs.

Customizable for your company

Use out-of-the-box or tailor your tests and branding

Your company is unique and we make it easy to reflect this in the tests you create. Assess what’s most important for your team.

  • Adapt existing questions or create new ones to mirror your company’s work
  • Choose from multiple choice, text, programming or project exercises
  • Customize criteria and points given for automatic grading
  • Add your company logo and messaging for a test experience consistent with your brand
CoderPad Screen integrates with popular applicant tracking systems like Smart Recruiters, Goodtime, Prelude, Lever, Workable, and Google Chrome.

A seamless experience

CoderPad integrates with the tools you use everyday

Connect Screen to your Applicant Tracking System to seamlessly send tests and check results.

Our integrations include Greenhouse, iCIMS, Lever, SmartRecruiters, Taleo, and Workable.

You can also use our API to integrate Screen with custom tools you use.

Hiring was initially a stressful process, but with the help of CoderPad’s hiring technology, it became simple.

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