CoderPad Interview has all of the tools you need to interview technical candidates

Interviewer tools

Interview your way. Standardized or spontaneous but always stress-free with CoderPad.

Before the Interview

No hassle interview preparation

Ready to use out of the box but also fully customizable for standardized interviewing.

  • Generate a link to share or integrate with your favorite tools to make interview organization easy.
  • Pick questions from our examples, take a deeper dive based on a candidate’s Screen results or make your own exercises tailored to your context.
  • Dive right in or set up the experience you want, such as choosing for pads to end and become private automatically after the interview.
CoderPad Interview lets you capture private notes during the interview so you can stay in-the-moment and focus on the candidate

During the Interview

Stay in one window. Stay in the moment

Observe and take notes or dive in and collaborate. Whatever your style, we have the tools for it.

  • Jot down notes without leaving the pad—make them private or leave them visible for team members to review.
  • Start a video or audio call for the personal touch, no need to use another app.
  • Code, collaborate, or open a new language tab in a click. Be spontaneous and in the moment, code playback is there for review later.

After the Interview

Make a confident hiring decision

No need for a perfect memory. Interview makes it easy to jot down observations or watch it again later.

  • Summarize your interviews easily with the help of code playback and interview notes—perfect when you have multiple interviews to report on.
  • Make hiring decisions as a team to get fairer and more accurate results, no need to be present during the interview to see how the candidate coded.
  • Feel confident in hiring decisions based on assessment data recorded for transparency, from the initial Screen test results to the interviews.