Cheating prevention 

Feel confident our test results are a fair and accurate representation of your candidates’ skills. Our assessments are specially designed to counteract cheating.

  • Code playback
  • Location tracking
  • Anomaly alerts
  • Randomization
  • Copy/paste tracking
  • Plagiarism detection
Andrew Johnson is flagged for plagiarism and leaving the test

Get alerts on suspicious activity

  • Location tracking via IP address throughout the testing process.
  • Anomaly alerts for unusual candidate activity or performance.
  • Candidate flagging option to identify candidates you suspect of cheating.
Face absent (1 instance), Multiple faces (1 instance), Different face (2 instanes)

Ensure test-taker integrity with webcam proctoring

  • Screenshots of candidates’ webcams to validate identity
  • AI analysis of candidate’s video headshot to detect suspicious behavior like if the candidate left the computers, several participants were present, or if people switched places during the interview
  • Consent is required for test-takers and video logs are kept secure

Play back the candidate’s coding

  • Code recording/playback to see how candidates wrote their code or text.
  • IDE exit detection to know when the candidate left or returned to the test.
  • Copy/paste tracking to know when code may have originated elsewhere.
  • Plagiarism detection when a previous candidate’s exact code is reused.

Create cheat-resistant tests

  • Disable copy & paste to prevent using others’ code.
  • Question timer to test available knowledge and prevent searching.
  • Randomization of questions and order to mitigate risk of content sharing.

Gamification and AI

  • AI follow-up questions to check candidates understand their code.
  • Gamified coding exercises with a visual, cheat-resistant aspect.
  • Easy question customization to tweak content to make it unique to you.

A question bank you can trust

  • Web monitoring to get any leaked content promptly removed.
  • Regular content updates to keep it fresh and relevant.
  • Test performance tracking to detect improvements suggesting cheating.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can enable proctoring for technical assessments when you need it. While we don’t recommend this for every candidate (these monitoring methods have been shown to introduce bias, create a negative experience for candidates, and even hinder their performance in tests), there are circumstances, such as high-volume hiring, where you may need more reassurance of test-taker integrity. In those circumstance, we encourage you to turn on video proctoring which is available for custom plans.

  • No, our approach is to foster a relationship of trust with candidates and recruiters right from the start. Our experience shows instances of identity fraud are rare. Candidates understand that, at some point during the recruitment process, they will have face-to-face interactions with recruiters or future colleagues.

  • We can’t publicly share the ins and outs of our plagiarism detection technology, for obvious reasons. However, we can send you more information on how this works, if you’re interested and willing to sign an NDA. Please contact support.

  • Simply put, we record candidate activity during a coding exercise. You can watch how your candidate built their algorithm, when they left the environment, when and what they pasted from external sources, and what happened when they ran their code. Explore a demo version of code playback.