CoderPad Screen alerts you to detected suspicious activity

Cheating prevention 

Feel confident our test results are a fair and accurate representation of your candidates’ skills. Our assessments are specially designed to counteract cheating.


Take advantage of our multiple cheating prevention features as you create your test

  • Randomization for question choice and order so candidates get different versions.
  • Possibility to disable copy and paste for candidates’ answers.
  • Visually-rendered gamified coding exercises to make cheating with AI chat tools difficult.


Candidate activity is always monitored on our platform. Our candidate reports include alerts on any unusual candidate behavior.

  • Code Playback shows you how a candidate coded, when they left the system, or if they copied and pasted anything.
  • Our system detects unusual candidate performance, such as completing difficult questions much faster than usual.
  • Plagiarism detection recognizes when a candidate submits the exact same code as another candidate.
  • See candidates’ general location during the test to identify unusual activity, such as logging in from different places or devices.


Our team actively protects the integrity of our platform and test results and takes cheating seriously.

  • Global test performance is tracked to detect performance improvements suggesting cheating.
  • We crawl the web and get any leaked content removed promptly.
  • Any compromised content is refreshed.
  • We investigate any cheating concerns from clients and keep you informed of the outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we don’t. These monitoring methods have been shown to introduce bias, create a negative experience for candidates, and even hinder their performance in tests. It’s also important to note that if a developer were inclined to do so, it would be relatively simple to deceive these measures.

No, our approach is to foster a relationship of trust with candidates and recruiters right from the start. Our experience shows instances of identity fraud are rare. Candidates understand that, at some point during the recruitment process, they will have face-to-face interactions with recruiters or future colleagues.

We can’t publicly share the specifics but if you’re interested in knowing more and willing to sign an NDA, please contact support.

The Code Playback feature lets us record what candidates do while they’re coding. You can watch how they build their algorithm, what they paste from other places, and what happens when they run their code. Explore a demo version of Code Playback.