CoderPad Interview allows multiple people to write and execute code from within their browser

Collaborative IDE

Code with your candidate. CoderPad’s interactive coding platform allows you and the candidate to write, execute, and debug code together—all in a performant, browser-based environment. You can even use ChatGPT!

CoderPad Interview uses an editor based on VSCode that most developers are already familiar with

Realistic experience with an IDE devs use everyday

Our intuitive interface ensures an optimal candidate experience. Candidates can perform their best and you save precious interview time.

  • Quick and intuitive to set up and use with no lag or glitches—CoderPad just works.
  • Candidate anonymous access supported so no need for a lengthy login.
  • IDE is based on the world’s most popular code editor, VS Code, so no need for a tutorial.
  • Load your files from your desktop or Github repo with a simple drag and drop interface.

Comfortable and efficient coding

All the tools candidates need to show their true skills with no distractions or frustration.

  • Reduce eye fatigue with dark mode option.
  • Quickly find and fix mistakes with error highlighting.
  • Save time with Vim keybindings, IntelliSense autocomplete, and more.

Interview in the languages and frameworks you use everyday

Host more realistic interviews to assess the skills you need on your team with 40+ languages and frameworks and a customizable, multi-file environment.

  • Quickly switch from one language or question to another for flexible interviewing.
  • With frameworks, you can start with an app that’s missing components, has broken functionality, or needs data from an API—the only limit is your own imagination.
  • Create your own custom questions or pull from our question bank.

See how candidates collaborate, communicate and craft solutions

Simulate on the job challenges by coding with your future potential team member. Talk through their code as they build to understand how candidates solve problems and communicate.

  • Jump in as you wish to collaborate, correct or guide. Easily locate others with colored cursors for a smooth shared coding experience.
  • Enjoy seamless synchronization, from the code editor to the drawing mode panel, we keep everyone on the same page.
  • Code recorded during replay so get involved now and you can review later.
CoderPad Interview integrates with ChatGPT

Use ChatGPT to understand how candidates use developer tools

Leverage ChatGPT collaboratively as a resource with candidates during interviews. The dialog box is accessible directly from the pad and everything is captured in code playback for later review.