In-depth assessment reporting

Get an insight into candidates’ various strengths and weaknesses with detailed reports.

  • Benchmarking
  • Customizable
  • Granular skills
  • Code playback
  • Easy ranking
  • Custom tags

Detailed, easy to understand scoring

Get the necessary insights to identify which candidates to advance in the hiring process.

  • Global comparative score to benchmark and compare across tests.
  • Skills and subskills scores per question for an insight into strengths, such as code reliability and design.
  • Adjust weighting, give partial points, add skills, exclude suspected cheating, and more.

Code playback

See the path a candidate took towards their final answer to discover their coding skills and style.

  • Time outside the browser to understand when candidates left the IDE.
  • Tracked copy pasting, typing, deleting, and run test to see how the code came together.
  • Run tests to explore candidates’ process and troubleshooting.
  • Explore code playback

Test report features

  • Immediate candidate feedback with automatic simplified report emails.
  • Add notes and tags as you dive into results.
  • Easy sharing with colleagues for a group hiring decision.
  • Anonymize identifying details to reduce potential bias.

Candidate dashboard

Get an overview at a glance to manage candidates.

  • Rank and compare by test results, score by domain, or time spent.
  • Status tags to filter candidates and mark who to pass to the next round.
  • Suspicious activity alerts appear next to results to explore more.