CoderPad Screen offers insight into a candidates strengths and weaknesses so you know they will be a perfect fit for your open job role

In-depth assessment reporting

Get an insight into candidates’ various strengths and weaknesses with our detailed reports.

Comparative score

Discover how candidates’ results compare to hundreds of thousands of others who’ve taken our tests.

  • Feel confident screening even if you’re not an expert in the skills tested.
  • Accurately rank candidates whether they took junior, senior, and expert tests.
  • See global ranking for test or specific technology.

Code playback

See the path a candidate took towards their final answer to discover their coding skills and style.

  • Discover how candidates wrote, deleted and pasted their code.
  • See when tests were run to learn how candidates troubleshoot.
  • Get inspiration for the interview, identify points to explore in the interview.

Explore Code Playback

Scoring for both skills and subskills

Go beyond “right or wrong”.  Get the specific insights you need to identify which candidates to advance in your hiring process.

  • Dive into individual questions to understand where candidates excelled or stumbled.
  • Discover candidate strengths, such as code reliability and design.
  • Customize to your priorities by creating skills or adjusting weighting of existing ones.

Candidate dashboard

Filtering, comparing, and managing applicants in a breeze with our dashboard.

  • Identify the highest performers at a glance.
  • See how candidates rank for a specific skill.
  • Create custom tags to categorize candidates.