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Our support team is happy to answer any questions you might have. Here are solutions for questions we regularly receive.

In order to best respond to your question and quickly resolve any issues you may have, we ask that you please include full screenshots and/or logs when applicable, including:

  • The address bar of your web browser
  • Any error messages you recieve
  • The JavaScript Console log

✅ Instructions for accessing the JavaScript console logs will depend on your browser:

Google Chrome1. From the menu bar, click View.
2. Scroll down to Developer.
3. Click Javascript Console.
Firefox1. From the main browser menu, scroll down to and open the More Tools menu. Note that if you display the menu bar or are on macOS, this will be the Tools menu.
2. Select Browser Console.
Safari1. Go into Safari’s preferences (Safari Menu > Preferences) and select the Advanced Tab.
2. Click Show Develop menu in menu bar to enable the developer menu.
3. Once that menu is enabled, you will find the developer console by clicking on Develop > Show JavaScript Console or by using the shortcut: Option + + C.

Frequently asked questions

  • Your quota refreshes on the date listed on your Billing page. That page also shows the number of pads or tests you have used, so that you know how many are remaining until your next refresh.

  • See the Candidate Reports section of our Docs.

  • Adjusting the default time limit to no time limit for Take Home projects is not possible at this time. The default is 2 hours.