Question quality and integrity

Our questions go through quality checks to make sure they reflect the skills of candidates in a fair and reliable manner.

  • Verified validity
  • Consistent and reliable
  • Updated often
  • Designed for fairness
  • Diverse content
  • Constantly monitored

Verified validity and reliability

Our questions have been externally verified by a panel of experts for validity and reliability.

  • Tests verified as valid assessments of work behaviors, knowledge, skill and ability area for a variety of jobs.
  • Consistent and reliable results for an accurate and trustworthy assessment.
  • Fair for all candidates by design to avoid adverse impact.

Fresh and original content

Relax knowing our question bank contains up-to-date content for today’s tech jobs.

  • Frequently updated to keep up with updates, trends, and customer needs.
  • Original and diverse content inspired by real world work challenges but also games and films.
  • Made by the creators of, loved by 3 million developers.

Expertise and quality control

Every question is created and quality controlled by experts in the field to guarantee quality.

  • Subject experts prepare questions that are realistic and accurate.
  • Clear, unambiguous, and useful—the three criteria questions must pass.
  • Quality controlled by developers in test conditions to fine-tune difficulty, duration, and wording.

Monitoring content

Our commitment to quality continues after questions go live.

  • Leaks are removed promptly and any compromised content is updated.
  • New content for in-demand areas is created based on technology trends and popularity of domains and questions.
  • Success rate, completion time, and feedback are monitored for question optimization.

Varied question types

Pick from 4000+ questions to create the perfect assessment for your priorities.

  • Programming exercises to see how they code—you can watch the playback later.
  • Game-based coding exercises for a great candidate experience.
  • Multiple choice and text questions to cover skills in a granular way.
  • Custom question builder to easily create content for your specific business needs.

In-depth scoring

Get a deeper insight into how candidates code. They got the right answer but would it cover an edge case?

  • Coding graded for language knowledge, design, problem solving, and code reliability.
  • Skills relevant to specific technologies covered to give an accurate overview.
  • Comparative scoring means the same questions are used across levels.

Test your tech stack

Mix and match questions to mirror the job requirements.

  • Choose a job role to speed up test creation.
  • 70+ supported languages, frameworks and other technical skills.
  • Language-independent questions to focus on problem solving skills.
  • English, French, and Spanish available for all questions.