CoderPad plans grow with your team


$50 / month

Single-user plan to collaborate with candidates on writing working code


5 interviews
$15/interview for overages


  • 1 user account per company
  • All code recorded
  • Built-in video chat
  • Drawing/whiteboard mode
  • Take-home projects

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$250 / month

Collaborate with your team on questions, files and databases

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30 interviews
$15/interview for overages

All Personal features +

  • Up to 20 user accounts
  • Role-based permissions
  • ATS integration
  • Company logo
  • 6 Example questions


$750 / month

Level up your hiring with a plan geared to high-volume interviewing

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90 interviews
$15/interview for overages

All Team features +

  • Up to 50 user accounts
  • Invoicing option
  • SAML single sign-on
  • 40+ Example questions


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. CoderPad offers monthly plans with no annual commitments.

Generally, CoderPad charges per pad usage — a “pad” is defined as either a live collaborative interview session OR a Take-Home question that is completed by a candidate. Pads used for Live and Take-Home interviews both count against your quota differently.

For live pads, usage counts against your quota when:

  1. A candidate and an interviewer both join a pad AND
  2. A pad has more than two actions occur in it (e.g., a code change and a code run)

For Take-Home pads, usage counts against your quota when:

  1. A user spends more than 5 minutes in a take-home assessment pad AND
  2. A pad has more than two actions occur in it (e.g., a code change and a code run)

Our recommendation is 2-3 per technical candidate (e.g., developer, analyst, data scientist) interviewed in the last 30 days or in the upcoming month.

If you run out of interview pads, you will still be able to create new ones. However, you will automatically be charged a $15 overage fee for each interview that exceeds your plan quota.

We recommend keeping overages on to not disrupt the interview and candidate experience but you can disable this in your billing settings. If you are repeatedly using overages and hitting your quota limit, we recommend upgrading your plan to the next tier or talking with our sales team.

Invoicing is a feature of our custom Enterprise Plans. Please contact sales to get more information.

Yes. Please contact sales if you are interested in paying annually.

Yes, but we do not recommend purchasing a Personal Plan for corporate teams. Each company cannot have more than 1 Personal Plan without violating our Terms of Service.

Please note: The Personal Plan includes only one login, no team management features, no API access and no access to Example Questions that can be used to onboard new team members.

Once you cancel your account, you revert to our Free Plan. This free tier includes minimal features and 2 pads per month that expire within 4 days.

Yes. If you need a chance to do an extended trial with your team, please contact our sales team.

Yes. After you complete a 7-day free trial or cancel a paid plan, your account automatically reverts to a Free Plan. This tier includes minimal features and 2 pads per month.

Not sure which plan is right for you?

We can make this easier. To begin, we need to understand the approximate number of technical hires you plan to make in the next month. From there, we can estimate the number of technical interviews you will need to conduct to make those hires.

If you aren’t sure ask a hiring manager or look at the careers page for your company.

As a best practice, CoderPad recommends a minimum of 3, including at least 1 take-home session and 2 live coding sessions. If you are doing system design interviews you’ll want to include those too. Note: Not all candidates will make it through all rounds so we adjust this number.

Based on research conducted in 2021, the national average was nearly 21 candidates per software engineering hire. In tech hubs, this number ranged from 13 to 18.

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