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Some months busier than others? Pick a yearly plan and use your tests or pads anytime. No monthly limits.


Get ready for future hiring with 2 tests or interviews per month. Get ready for future hiring with 2 tests or interviews per month.


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Prepare for future recruiting

  • Create tests and prepare interview pads
  • Add unlimited users for easier hiring as a team
  • Access sample questions, test reports, and code playback


Start growing your team with 60 tests or interviews per year. Start growing your team with 5 tests or interviews per month. No monthly volume limit! $20 per additional test or interview

$100 /mo Billed monthly

$70 /mo $840 billed annually

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Build your teams

  • Unlimited users with role-based permissions
  • 400 ready-to-use test questions and 10 custom questions

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Scale your hiring to grow with 360 tests or interviews per year. Scale your hiring to grow with 30 tests or interviews per month. No monthly volume limit! $20 per additional test or interview

$325 /mo Billed monthly

$325 /mo $3,900 billed annually

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Scale up hiring

  • 1,400 ready-to-use questions
  • 20 custom questions to further optimize your hiring process


Get a plan that best fits your company’s hiring needs. Get a plan that best fits your company’s hiring needs.

Tailored Pricing Billed annually only

Tailored Pricing Billed annually only

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Enjoy a tailored experience

  • Custom contract with all the tests/interviews you need
  • Dedicated support with onboarding and training
  • ATS integrations, SSO, and team spaces

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Tests and Interviews
(per month)
2 5 30 Custom
Tests and Interviews
(per year)
60 360 Custom
Overages per month $20 per test/interview $20 per test/interview Custom
Overages per year Custom
Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Code playback check check check check
Role-based permissions check check check
ATS and API integrations check
Branded candidate experience check
Invoicing option check
Dedicated customer success manager check
Security review check
Enhanced data access controls check
Team workspaces check

Ready-to-use questions Limited 400+ 1,400+ 4,000+
Custom questions 10 10 20 Unlimited
Detailed candidate report check check check check
Anti-cheating technology Standard Standard Standard Advanced
Webcam proctoring check

Collaborative IDE check check check check
Take-home projects check check check check
Digital whiteboard check check check check
Integrated video calling check check check check
Private interview notes check check check check
ChatGPT integration check check check check
40+ example questions check check check check
Interview transcriptions check

High volume hiring?

We can create a custom plan with more pads, tests, a security review and more.

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The flexibility of the CoderPad platform is second-to-none. The depth and breath of pre-existing questions are excellent.

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Frequently asked questions

  • No. We don’t ask for a credit card to start a free trial.

    Once you are ready to upgrade to enjoy all the benefits of a paid plan, you can subscribe directly from within the product.

  • The annual plan is perfect for this case. You get an annual quota of tests with no monthly limits. Use 100 tests in January and none until September, if that’s what best fits your company’s needs.

    If you prefer a monthly plan, you can choose the plan that closest matches your predicted needs and simply pay per test or interview on unexpectedly busy months. We make sure you’re never unable to recruit.

  • Yes, we do. Monthly plans are perfect if you tend to recruit consistently throughout the year or want the flexibility of monthly billing. Every month you get a set number of tests or interviews and this resets each billing period.

    The annual plan is great for any company which needs more tests or interviews some months than others. You can use up 80% of your annual test quota in January if you wish and use the remaining 20% in November, the choice is yours. You also get the accounting convenience of one payment per year.

  • Yes, you can cancel any time from within our app and you will not be charged again.

    You can keep using CoderPad until the end of the billing month (for monthly plans) or billing year (for yearly plans). So if you join in September with a yearly plan and decide to cancel in March, you can still keep testing and interviewing through August and then won’t be charged again.

  • Yes, we do. If you finish your trial and are not yet ready to upgrade, you’ll revert to a free plan with 2 tests or interviews per month.

    The free plan tests include a limited question bank which is not as rich as that which comes with the other plans. Also, free plan interviews expire in 4 days so are best suited for spontaneous interviewing.

  • An interview pad is counted depending on the type of subscription you have. For Enterprise Flex and monthly credit card plans, pads are counted when two people join the pad and write code. A Take-Home interview pad, is counted when the candidate joins the pad and spends a couple minutes coding.

    If you’re on an annual credit card plan or a non-Enterprise invoiced plan, pads are counted when created. Unstarted pads or tests that are deleted within 28 days from creation are re-credited to your quota.

    A test is counted when you invite a candidate to take it. If the test expires without the candidate taking it or you cancel the invitation within the billing period, it isn’t counted.

    If you create a public link for mass recruiting like university recruiting, a test is counted when a person enters their details and opens the test.

  • We make sure your hiring is never interrupted. If you have a monthly plan, you’ll pay $20 overage for each test or interview above your plan quota. We’ll let you know when you’re approaching the limit so you can upgrade if you prefer.

    If you have an annual plan and exceed your yearly quota, we’ll automatically renew you onto another of the same plan, and reset your annual billing date. Of course, we’ll send you a heads up before this happens.

  • We’re happy to provide this. Reach out to our sales team who will get you everything you need.

  • At CoderPad, we continue to expand our offering so please let us know if you have any requests. We also offer customization so you can create questions unique to your company’s hiring needs.

    Screen:You can send tests for 65+ languages, frameworks, and technical skills. Consult the lists of skills and job roles.

    Interview: You can interview candidates in 99+ languages and frameworks.

  • With Screen, you can create custom questions to add to tests to meet your company needs. You can also let us know if there’s something missing you’d like to see and we can add it to our roadmap. We add new languages, frameworks, and technical skills based on our customers’ needs and the latest trends in the tech world so our products are always up-to-date.

  • If you’re using a card issued in India, your bank or card issuer may decline the payment due to the the Reserve Bank of India’s recurring payments regulation. This regulation means you cannot sign-up for recurring payments; instead you will have to reach out to our customer support team to receive an invoice on a monthly or annual basis.

    We recommend signing up for an annual plan to reduce the number of invoices you have to worry about processing. You will have a 1 week grace period from the billing refresh date to pay the invoice.

    Alternatively if you have access to a non-Indian credit card, you can use that to sign up for recurring payments.