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Start collaborating with candidates on writing working code


2 interviews


  • Up to 3 user accounts
  • All code recorded
  • Built-in video chat
  • Drawing/whiteboard mode
  • Take-home projects
  • Interview notes
  • 40+ example questions

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$250 / month

Collaborate with your team on questions, files and databases

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30 interviews
$15/interview for overages

All Free features +

  • Up to 20 user accounts
  • Role-based permissions
  • ATS integration
  • Company logo
  • Customer support


$750 / month

Level up your hiring with a plan geared to high-volume interviewing

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90 interviews
$15/interview for overages

All Team features +

  • Up to 50 user accounts
  • Invoicing option
  • SAML single sign-on


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. CoderPad offers monthly plans with no annual commitments.

Generally, CoderPad charges per pad usage — a “pad” is defined as either a live collaborative interview session OR a Take-Home question that is completed by a candidate. Pads used for Live and Take-Home interviews both count against your quota differently.

For live pads, usage counts against your quota when:

  1. Two or more users join a pad AND
  2. A pad has more than two actions occur in it (e.g., a code change and a code run)

For Take-Home pads, usage counts against your quota when:

  1. A user spends more than 5 minutes in a take-home assessment pad AND
  2. A pad has more than two actions occur in it (e.g., a code change and a code run)

Our recommendation is 2-3 per technical candidate (e.g., developer, analyst, data scientist) interviewed in the last 30 days or in the upcoming month.

Under Billing, an account owner can choose a larger or smaller plan that better fits your company’s needs at any time. You will be charged a prorated amount for the percentage of the month you use each plan. You can also enable overage pads if you’re in between plan sizes (see below). If you’ve outgrown our self-serve plans, please email [email protected] to request information on Enterprise plans.

If you run out of interview pads, you will still be able to create new ones. However, you will automatically be charged a $15 overage fee for each interview that exceeds your plan quota.

We recommend keeping overages on to not disrupt the interview and candidate experience but you can disable this in your billing settings. If you are repeatedly using overages and hitting your quota limit, we recommend upgrading your plan to the next tier or talking with our sales team.

Invoicing is a feature of our custom Enterprise Plans. Please contact sales to get more information.

Yes. Please contact sales if you are interested in paying annually.

Once you cancel your account, you revert to our Free Plan. This free tier includes minimal features and 2 pads per month that expire within 4 days.

Yes. If you need a chance to do an extended trial with your team, please contact our sales team.

Yes. After you complete a 7-day free trial or cancel a paid plan, your account automatically reverts to a Free Plan. This tier includes minimal features and 2 pads per month.

You will not be charged unless you upgrade to a paid plan during your trial. If you do not upgrade to a paid plan, you will be added to our limited Free plan at the end of your free 7 day trial.

No, for plans paid by credit card you pay only one month at a time. Once you sign up for a paid plan on our website, you will be billed monthly on the same day every month. You can cancel your paid account at any time under Billing by clicking “Cancel Paid Plan”, switching to the Free plan, or by contacting us. Please keep in mind we do not offer refunds for unused partial months. If you’d like to discuss a longer term contract for your company’s needs, just fill out the form located here to request more information.