JavaScript validated, React validated, Flutter failed test

Identify your team’s strengths and weaknesses – and track over time with CoderPad Map.

Effectively assess your developers’ skills in 70 languages and domains in engaging technical tests and upskill them to form your dream team.

Create, customize and assign tests for your developers

  • Create a technical test in under 30 seconds (even if you’re not a developer).
  • Choose from 70+ skills, from C++ to cybersecurity, Swift to SQL.
  • Make tests engaging by customizing questions or including gamified coding exercises from our question bank.
Dashboard showing how many tests a developer has passed and what skills they have obtained for improvement

Review developers’ strengths and weaknesses

  • Measure and track what’s important to your company.
  • Maintain an accurate skills snapshot as employees build skills and new members arrive.
  • Identify opportunities for training and development.

Select devs for special projects and teams

  • Review your entire team in one dashboard to plan and staff projects with ease.
  • Form well-balanced teams with complementary skills.
  • Ensure employees are in posts which take advantage of their skills.
Track different skills as they progress over time

Track skill progression over time

  • Measure skill growth and demonstrate the impact and value of your training programs.
  • Acknowledge and recognize team members’ professional development.
  • Avoid unconscious bias by promoting based on fair and relevant assessments.

Target hiring to address specific skills gaps

  • Target hiring when backfilling a position to find the profile with the exact skills you need.
  • Take advantage of the same tests to screen candidates with a benchmark based on current employees.
  • Identify opportunities to reorganize teams internally to fill open positions or adjust the seniority level for the skills most needed.

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