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Here you’ll find some materials you can use to prepare for your Screen assessment or your live Interview.

  • CoderPad Interview is an interview platform that allows companies to assess your skills in person.
  • CoderPad Screen is a testing platform that allows companies to assess your development skills and knowledge using asynchronous take-home projects.

⚠️Supported devices

CoderPad is optimized for desktop browsers, and we recommend doing your interview or test on a full-size device. While we also support tablets, some features may be limited. If you use a tablet, we recommend using it with an attached keyboard. We do not support phone-size devices and strongly recommend against doing your interview on a phone.

⚠️Browser plugins

Some plugins may interfere with your CoderPad experience. We try our best to work around these when we learn of issues with a specific plugin, but if you experience surprising behavior in an interview or on a test, we recommend: trying an incognito window, a different browser, or disabling all your plugins.

You can find preparation guides for each platform in the menu below: