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Error messages in candidate reports

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Candidate reports may contain error messages. Errors are signposted with exclamation marks and can mean one of three things.

1. Readability issues

Yellow exclamation point with the text: Code readability issues detected.

This error means that candidate code does not match the test evaluation language. Possible causes are misspellings or coding in a completely different language. 

2. Test timed out

Red exclamation point with the text: The candidate has aborted this test (48 hours have passed since the beginning of this test).

If a candidate starts a test then pauses or leaves it, they have 48 hours to return and complete it.

If they do not return to the test within the allotted time, they fail the test and you will see this message.

✅ The candidate may still have a score, depending on when they stopped the test and how many questions they had completed at that time. 

3. Cheating alert

Red exclamation point with the text: The candidate has cheated on this test by copying someone else's code.

Screen has active cheating prevention during tests. This message is a plagiarizing alert.

If you see this message, contact support for more information.