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Configure data protection

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The Data Protection section gives you access to Screen’s legal documents and allows you to manage the protection of your data. Simply click Data Protection under the settings menu ⚙️ at the top right of the screen to get started:

The settings menu is shown with the data protection item highlighted.

You’ll then see the following sections:

  1. Data Protection
  2. Data Retention
  3. Candidate Privacy Policy
  4. Data Access and Account Deletion

Data Protection

Data protection section with ability to select terms of service, customer agreement, DPA, privacy policy, and a field for your data privacy officer.

In this section you can access the Terms of Service, Customer Agreement, DPA, and Privacy Policy. You can also save your Data Privacy Officer’s email address. All candidate requests about personal data go to this address.

Data Retention

Data retention section with ability to set days before anonymization and days before delete.

The Data Retention option allows you to set the frequency you want to anonymize or delete your candidates’ information.

Set the number of days to zero to disable this option. 

Candidate Privacy Policy

The Candidate Privacy Policy option allows you to set your Privacy Policy URL which will be accessible to your candidates before they start their test. 

Candidate privacy policy section with field to enter the url of your privacy policy.

Data Access and Account Deletion

The Data Access and Account Deletion panels will allow you to contact us with data access requests, or if you want to delete your account.

The data access and account deletion sections, both of which include a button to contact customer support.