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Clicking on the Tests option in the left navigation menu will present you with your list of tests. Here you can easily find a test you’re looking for, or create a new one. To make it easier to find a particular test, we have a few helpful features available to you in the main dashboard.

At the top of the Tests page you can search for a test using a particular test name, domain, or candidate.

Tests list with the search bar highlighted at the top center of the screen.

You can further refine your search by clicking on the advanced search icon at the right of the bar:

The advanced search icon is highlighted at the right side of the search bar.

Pin tests to the top of the list

Have a popular test you want to be at the top of your test list? Simply click the star icon (⭐) to the left of the test name and it’ll get moved to the top of your tests list:

The pin icon ( a star) is shown to the left of the test name in each row.

Sort tests

You can easily sort tests alphabetically by the test name (1), by the number of invited candidates (2), or by the time of last activity (3).

the test list is shown with a 1 next to the tests sort in the header row, a 2 next to the candidates sort, and a 3 next to the last activity sort.

Get test details

Need to quickly see the details of your test? Hover over the information icon next to a test’s name, and you will see:

  1. Number of questions
  2. Test time
  3. Test creator
  4. Test creation date
The test info modal with a 1 next to number of questions, a 2 next to test time, a 3 next to test creator, and a 4 next to test creation date.