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Our Monaco-based IDE offers several features which make it easier for your candidate to produce quality code during their assessment:

  1. Syntax highlighting that uses a color scheme adapted to the programming language of a given question. This makes understanding a program’s structure and finding what you’re looking for much easier.
A code snippet with different keywords of the syntax are different colors.
  1. Automatic completion (i.e. “autocomplete”) to increase coding speed.
An example of autoexample for the "return" keyword.
  1. Automatic error diagnostics, displayed as red squiggles under any code with errors.
A red underline showing a syntax error.
  1. Contextual help when you hover over a function. A pop-up window displays the list of parameters, expected return value, and documentation for the function.
An example of contextual help with an explanation of the toLowerCase() java method.
  1. Formatting the document is available through the right-click menu. This produces a standardized code layout that’s easy to read.
The IDE right click menu with the "Format Document" item highlighted.
  1. Automatic packages import. Adding a class automatically adds the corresponding import line, ensuring time efficiency for the candidate.