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Test retake requests

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At the end of a test, candidates can request a second chance if they’d like to improve their score.

If you automatically send simplified reports to candidates, they will be able to let you know directly if something came up which stopped them from performing their best and request a second chance.

If the candidate clicks on the Request retest button at the bottom of their report email, you will be notified by email.

What the notification looks like. text reads: "it would be a shame to miss out on talent. everyone can have a bad day." followed by "give a second chance" button. followed by a link that says "don't want to give a second chance? let the candidate know".

You can accept or refuse the retest request. If you accept, you will need to send another test to the candidate.

ℹ️ The test you choose to send (same test with static questions, same test with random questions, or another test), will determine if the candidate receives the same questions for the second test.

If you do not want to be notified of second chance requests, we can disable this feature on their account — contact support.