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Troubleshooting Screen

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Resetting your password

You’ve forgotten or you’d like to change your password? It happens! Here’s how to go about it:

1) From your account

To change your password, start by clicking on your initials > My settings in the top right of your dashboard.

An arrow pointing to the user's initials with a drop down giving the option to select either my settings or logout.

On the profile screen, click on the Change password link.

The change password pop up is shown with fields for current and new password.

2) If you can’t access your account

To reset your password, you’ll need your email address. On our login page, click on Lost your password?

Registered customer modal with email and password fields up top and a "lost your password?" link in the bottom right corner of the window.

Enter your email address and hit SUBMIT:

Forgot your password window with an email address input field and a submit button.

You’ll soon receive this email:

Screen password reset email with a link to reset the password.

Follow the link to reset your password. Enter a new password, confirm it, and click SUBMIT:

Reset your password window with new password and confirm new password fields displayed.

Can’t connect to your account

Struggling to connect to your Screen account? Most of the time, a Screen pop up will appear and let you know what’s going on. 

If not, pay attention to the website URL if you’re accessing via the CodinGame website:

CodinGame website ( with an arrow pointing to the "recruiters" tab.

If you see, then you’re on our developer gaming platform. To get back to our screening platform: click on the RECRUITERS tab and select your job role. You will then be taken back to Screen. 

CodinGame recruiters tab with a list of personas: developers, CTO, HR, and agency.

Once you’re back in the right place, try logging in again. 

If all else fails, just give us a shout! Contact Support

Your account is locked

So, you’ve come across this screen:

A window that states "these credentials have been locked" with an exclamation point and a link to coderpad/codingame support.

What’s happened?

To ensure your account’s security and to comply with GDPR guidelines, login credentials for your Screen account are strictly individual (for one user only). 

Anyone who logs into your account gains access to your tests, your account data, and your candidates’ personal details. Therefore, it’s important to track and restrict access to this data. 

If you’re logged into your account and another user simultaneously attempts to access our platform using your credentials, you’ll automatically be logged out. This will trigger the alert shown above and lock your account. 

You can learn how to manage your users and their permissions here. If you need more users, please contact us at [email protected]

Users are unlimited in an Enterprise subscription.

Reactivating expired accounts

You’ve come across this screen and you’re not sure what it means or what to do?

"Oops! Your account has expired. Don't worry it's all still here! Sign up to access your account." A button below states "reactivate my account".

If you see this screen, it’s because your payment has failed three times (expired credit card, issue with your bank account, etc.) and we’ve closed access to your account.

There’s no need to panic! We will not delete any of your content, campaigns or custom questions. Any candidates you’ve already invited to take a test will still be able to do so.

To reactivate your account simply click on the yellow REACTIVATE MY ACCOUNT button and follow the instructions.

In case of expired credit card

Once you click on REACTIVATE MY ACCOUNT, this panel will appear if you have an expired credit card:

The "team",  "business", and "enterprise" plans are listed along with their cost.
The payment screen which include the steps 1) select an option, 2) billing address, and 3) payment information.

Simply choose your plan, fill in your credit card information or contact us (depending on which plan you need) and you’ll be good to go! 

Browser issues

If you’re having trouble opening a test or pad in your browser, try the following steps.

1. Clear cache and cookies from your browser

Follow the guidelines provided for your specific browser:

ChromeClear cache and cookies
Microsoft EdgeView and erase browsing data
Manage and remove cookies
FirefoxHow to clear the Firefox cache
SafariWipe out browsing history
Handle cookies and website information

2. Disable browser extensions

Extensions may disrupt browser functionality. For instructions on how to disable extensions in frequently used browsers, check the following:

3. Switch to incognito mode

An incognito window might fix some error notifications or unexpected issues. Discover how to utilize Chrome’s incognito mode here. Check if your browser offers an incognito option.