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Jupyter Notebooks

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🅱️ This feature is currently in beta and not available to all customers. Playback is not yet available with Jupyter, but the notebook will still be available for review.

The Jupyter Notebook integration for CoderPad allows you to utilize one of three versions of this popular data science platform:

  • The minimal notebook
  • The SciPy notebook
  • The R notebook
  • The TensorFlow notebook

Each notebook will pre-load with different libraries, you can find more information on the specific libraries in Jupyter’s documentation.

To work with Jupyter Notebooks in CoderPad, you can either open a pad, and select one of the notebook versions from the drop down…

The language menu is shown in a pad and the notebooks section is highlighted.

Or you can create a Jupyter-based question by selecting a version from the question wizard and editing the content as needed.

The question wizard with the language drop down open, and the notebooks section highlighted.

When you or your candidate open your Jupyter Notebook pad, you’ll be presented with a pad-embedded version that works just like it would out-of-the-box — you’ll have all the same functionality and features as the versions you’ve used outside of CoderPad Interview.

However, you’ll have the added benefit of CoderPad features — for example the ability to collaborate with a candidate over video, take your own private notes the candidate can’t see, and make use of Drawing mode.