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ChatGPT integration

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You’ll need your account administrator to enable this feature in the Team Settings dashboard.

You and your candidates now have access to ChatGPT 3.5 to utilize as a tool in your interviews. To use it, simply click on the AI Chat tab and enter your prompt.

An Interview pad with the "AI Chat" tab selected on the right side of the pad. The chatgpt window is shown with an example question and answer.

✅ Don’t want you or your candidates to have access to the AI Assist? Your account administrator can disable this feature in the Team settings dashboard.

Some ways you can use the integration:

  • Have candidates showcase their prompt engineering skills
  • Review ChatGPT answers to technical questions with candidates to assess their critical thinking processes
  • Allow candidates to use ChatGPT like they would any other tool to solve your questions
  • Generate test data
  • Create starter code in different programming languages

Your prompt and ChatGPT’s output will be saved to your pad.

ℹ️ Want more information on how to use the integration? Checkout the demonstration video on YouTube.