Live Collaborative Coding

CoderPad’s interview ‘pad’ environment provides an online IDE where both interviewers and candidates can code live – together. This interactive coding platform allows you to write, execute and debug code – all in a performant, browser-based environment.

CoderPad Editor Drawing Mode

Code Together

Get a better understanding of your candidate’s thought process by evaluating their skills collaboratively in our browser-based IDE. Talk systems design, describe technical architecture, and sketch using shapes and text in Drawing Mode.

  • Interactive environment to write, run and debug code
  • Simple and intuitive IDE
  • Drawing Mode collaborative whiteboard
CoderPad editor settings

Create a Positive Developer Experience

CoderPad’s familiar environment allows you to code freely and naturally with the features you expect to have in your IDE. Through a highly performant platform and advanced features, CoderPad offers a stellar developer experience.

  • Autocomplete
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Inline documentation on hover
  • Custom files and databases
  • Configurable personal settings
CoderPad Editor with video and audio chat

Streamline Your Hiring

Ditch your disparate tools for technical interviews and streamline hiring with CoderPad. Consolidate on one platform and use features like audio/video calling to save your team’s time in the interview process and ensure consistency.

CoderPad example questions in the question bank

Hire with Confidence

Create an interview assessment that is unique to your team’s needs — rather than rely on a contrived, generic question. With access to 41+ languages and frameworks and the ability to upload custom files/databases, you can tailor interviews to each job and team.