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Video & audio chat

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The Interview platform gives you the ability to video or audio chat during your interviews.

⌨️ Want to have your interview transcribed for future reference? Checkout the documentation on our transcription service.

In the bottom left corner of a pad, click the Start Call button. If this is your first time ever using the audio/video feature on Interview, you will be asked to accept browser permissions for access to your audio/video channels:

You and the candidate have the option to accept or decline on both the video and audio permissions. If you want only audio like a phone call, then simply decline the permissions on the video.

If you run into issues with the audio/video feature, we recommend troubleshooting the following:

  1. Your browser permissions for audio/video on the pad itself. Sometimes you may have declined the permissions, or your browser has automatically set these for you.
  2. Check your network status. All video/audio chats are hosted through Twilio; to check on your network status, follow this link: