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Interviewers quick start

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This document is for interviewers who are conducting interviews or take-home projects with the Interview platform.

✅ If your company has an Interview account, ask your administrator for an invite and instructions on how to login. If your company does not have an Interview account, register here.

Interview is a technical platform that assesses candidates throughout the hiring process. It functions like an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and allows developers, data scientists, and other technical candidates to showcase their programming skills. 

A pad is a session where the candidate and interviewer write and run code – either during a live collaborative interview or a take-home project.

You write code in the left-hand pane, run code with the ‘Run’ button, and view output in the right-hand pane. You’ll use a new pad for each interview or assessment you give to a candidate.

A live interview pad with input screen on the left and output screen on the right.

How you create a pad and run it will depend on whether you’re making it for a Live Interview or a Take-home project.

Creating a Pad

Getting Started Tips

  • Before you start interviewing candidates we highly recommend checking out our list of Best Practices for a Good Interview.
  • Once you’ve logged on, don’t forget to verify your personal settings on the My Settings page or by clicking here.
  • Don’t forget to enable drawing mode to whiteboard a system or architecture. For detailed instructions on using drawing mode, check out the feature guide.
  • If you are new to Interview, we recommend you start by playing around with a pad in our Sandbox. This will let you get comfortable with the UI and customizable settings – without using up any of your interview quota.

If you have any questions or concerns about how things work in Interview, feel free to contact support – we’re happy to help!