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Private interviewer notes

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As an interviewer, the Interview platform gives you the ability to type out any notes you have during the interview. All notes can be saved in Markdown.

✅The candidate does not have access to these notes.

To access the interviewer notes, simply click on the Interviewer Notes tab located in the right pane of the IDE, next to Program Output tab. You can switch between these tabs at any point during the interview.

A pad with an arrow pointing to the "private interviewer notes" tab on the right window.

You can also input code into the interviewer notes section using Markdown. Here’s a Markdown example of how to write a JavaScript code block:

    var recurse = 100;
    var recursed = 0;

    (function (callback){
      console.log('recursed ' + recursed + ' times');

      if(recursed < recurse){

Personal interviewer notes

By default the notes you take in the Private Interviewer Notes will be hidden from candidates, but they are still viewable by other members of your organization. However there may be instances where you also want the notes hidden from other Interview members as well.

A common use case for this is preventing employees who used Interview as candidates from viewing the notes from their own interview when they become employees. 

To keep your Private Interview Notes private just to you, you can simply select the toggle at the top right of the pad until you see Notes are visible only to interviewers

The private interviewer notes tab with the "notes are visible only to interviewers" toggle turned on.

You can switch back to sharing the notes with the rest of your organization by clicking on the toggle again until it says Notes are visible to anyone in the company.

The private interviewer notes tab with the "notes are visible only to interviewers" toggle turned off (it's now labelled "notes are visible to anyone in the company").