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Customizing questions

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You can access your custom questions by first clicking on the Questions tab in the left navigation menu, and then clicking on the Custom tab in the top right of the screen.

On the Screen UI the questions tab is highlighted on the left with a number 1 next to it, and in the top right the "custom" tab is highlighted with a number 2 next to it.

If you want to switch back to the list of 4,000+ questions that CoderPad makes available for your Screen assessment, simply click on the CoderPad tab in the top right of the page.

List of coderpad questions that include question name, domain, type, difficulty, and duration.

Custom question statistics

You can review question statistics by click on the question you’d like to review in the Custom questions dashboard, and then by clicking on the Overview tab.

A window showing statistics for a React coding question. The "overview" tab is selected, and the stats include:
- 1666 candidates have seen this question
- 2 months ago this question was last seen by a candidate
- 26 min average time to answer the question
- 22% timed out candidates who didn't submit an answer before the question timer ran out.
Below that it shows the average score, as well as a distribution of scoring.

Here you can view:

  • Number of candidates that have seen the question.
  • Last time the question was used in a test.
  • Average time candidates took to answer the question.
  • Percentage of candidates that ran out of time on the question.
  • The average score.
  • A distribution of the scores.