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Import candidates from CSV file

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You can batch import candidates from a CSV file to invite them to a test.

After creating a new test, click Invite candidates.

Last page of the test creation process is shown with an arrow pointing towards the "invite candidates" button.

Or, find your test in your Tests list and click Invite on a test.

A tests list with the invite buttons highlighted.

Click Import CSV and navigate to your CSV file to import it.

Test invitation page shown with an arrow pointing towards the "import csv" button in the top right of the screen.

Set up your CSV like this; where tags reflect location, contract type, or any important information about the candidates.

An example CSV spreadsheet divided into columns labelled name, email, and tags.

Once imported, you will see the list of candidates.

The candidate invitation screen after the csv has been imported. the name, email, and tags columns are filled out.

Select a user to receive reports and then click Next step: preview invitation to finish sending the email invitations to the candidates.