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Managing users

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Add a user

If you’re an administrator for your Screen account, you can invite and manage users. Just click on the Users in the settings menu at the top right of the screen to see the list of people who’ve already been invited to your account.

If you wish to edit an existing user’s permissions, click on the Edit ✏️ button. If you wish to add a new user, click on + Add user

Only people with the same email domain name as you can be added to your account. 

The users page is shown with the "users" menu item selected in the settings dropdown and the "Edit" button highlighted on the right of the screen on a user.

Once the Add user window is open, fill in the email address(es) you want to add. You can also import a CSV with your colleagues’ email addresses. You’ll then select the role for the new user: Admin or Member.

Add user screen: "Enter user email address" with email input field and an "import csv" link below that field. There is also a "role" drop down with "member" selected.  There is an "Advanced customization" link below that.

The Member and Admin roles come preset with certain roles and permissions. Member – Restricted is simply a member role that has advanced customization settings enabled:

The role selection dropdown is shown. Admins says "have all permissions and can access all services. Admins can create, edit, and delete users.". The member role says "Have access to the list of candidates, tests, and questions. Members cannot edit account settings". Lastly there is member-restricted.

✅ An administrator can access everything on the account and manage other users. 

If you wish to fine-tune these permissions, simply click on the Advanced customization link below the Role dropdown menu. You’ll then be presented with a list of permissions, you can edit them as needed.

Permissions customization screen. Can edit permissions for tests, candidates, questions, interview, and account management.

User permission details

You can edit your colleagues’ permissions by selecting the appropriate access type from the drop down menu in the Customize Permissions window. The following levels are available for each feature:

FeaturePermission settings
TestsView: This user can see the list of tests
Edit: This user can create, edit and delete tests
CandidatesNo access: This user cannot access candidates information
Send tests: This user can invite candidates
See reports: This user can access candidate reports
Access all: This user can invite and manage candidates, and access their reports
QuestionsView: This user can see the list of questions
Edit: This user can add and edit custom questions
Account managementNo access: This user cannot edit account-related information
Billing only: This user will have access to the billing page and will receive invoices by email.
Admin: This user will have access to all features and services
Team admin: This user will have access to user management features for their assigned team only — e.g. add users, assign access roles, etc.

✅ Some permissions might be set to “Custom” for retro-compatibility reasons.

Delete a user

If you need to delete a user, just make sure that you are one of the administrators of your Screen account. Then, click the Users option in the settings dropdown menu in the top right of the screen.

The Users option is shown in the settings menu at the top right of the screen.


You will see your list of users. Just click on the little bin icon on the right. You may notice that the bin on your row is greyed out. You cannot delete your own account. 

A list of users, their emails, and permissions. There is an arrow pointing to the trash bin icon.

Finally, just confirm your changes. 

Delete user window with the option to cancel or proceed by clicking "yes".

You can switch from one account to another at any time.

Team member video tutorial

For more information on adding team members to your account, check out this Adding a team member with CoderPad Screen video tutorial: