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Live interview transcription

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The live interview transcription feature transcribes the conversations you have with candidates and others in your live interviews to assist with assessment and accessibility of the interview.

✅ This feature is currently only available for Enterprise and Custom plans using in-pad video calling.

Each individual call participant must opt into the transcription in order for their voice to be transcribed. Everyone in the call who agrees to the transcription will be transcribed. Opting into transcription also provides closed captioning.

✅ The call still proceeds for those who opt out, but they will not be recorded in the transcript.

Enable the transcription

In the Team Settings menu, scroll down to the Pad Settings and enable the Allow transcription for in-pad calls toggle if it’s not already turned on.

The pad settings are shown, and the option to "allow transcription for in-pad calls" is highlighted.

Starting the transcription

Once you’re ready to start the interview and all participants are in the pad, click Start Call in the lower left hand corner of the screen.

A pad is shown with the "start call" button highlighted.

A pop-up will display asking you to opt-in to the transcript recording. Click Got it to proceed.

The image shows a notification dialog with a dark background and white text. The dialog title states, "This meeting will be recorded to a text transcript." Below the title, there is a paragraph explaining that no audio or video of the call will be saved, only a text transcription of the conversation, noting that this enhances accessibility and allows the interviewer to focus on the interview rather than taking notes. It also mentions that opting in to this feature provides closed captioning for all call participants. A disclaimer follows, stating that by clicking the "Got it" button, the user consents to have their conversation recorded to text. Alternatively, they can click "Continue without transcription" to proceed without recording. At the bottom of the dialog, there are two buttons: one on the left labeled "Continue Without Transcription" with a lighter background, and one on the right labeled "Got It" with a darker background, indicating it is the primary action.

As you talk and the pad participants talk, the transcription feature will record your conversation. Once you’re done the interview, click End Interview to view the playback and see the transcript.

Closed captioning

Enabling transcription also allows you to enable closed captioning.

A coderpad interview is set up. The in-pad video call option is set up, and at the bottom center of the screen is a closed caption box that has the name of the speaker along with their dialogue.

To enable or disable closed captioning, simply click on the CC icon in the video window.

The video window is magnified and there is an arrow pointing to the "CC" button at the bottom of that video window.

Reviewing the transcript

In the playback window, there will be a Transcript tab in the top right window — click on this to view the transcript.

The transcript can be reviewed by any member of the organization in pad playback mode. There are timestamps to help you explore the transcript, as well as a Search bar to allow you to search for particular words or phrases that were used during the conversation.

The transcript is connected to the playback bar at the bottom of the screen. You can click on any line in the transcript and it will take you to that spot in the playback so you can see what coding was happening at that point in time.

The playback screen is shown with the "Transcript" tab highlighted and the transcript with time stamps below that.

You can access the playback and transcript at any point by locating your interview in the Pads List and clicking on the Playback button. You can identify which pads have transcripts in the dashboard by the transcript icon.

The image displays  the pads list dashboard. At the top, there's a header with the text "CoderPad Pads" followed by a subtitle that reads "See pads submitted via Public Take-Home URL >." Below the subtitle, there's a message informing the user that their organization's pads appear below and that they can search by pad creator or title, and filter by pad format or status.

The main area of the interface shows a list with various columns such as Title, Status, Creator, Created, Language, and an action button for each entry. The first entry in the list is highlighted and has a red arrow pointing to it. The entry is for a pad with a microphone icon, and hovering over it displays, "This pad has a call transcript. You can review it in playback."

Transcription FAQs

What will the candidate’s experience be like?

The candidate will be informed at the time they join the call that the call will be recorded to transcript only (no audio/video will be stored). They can agree to be transcribed or opt-out and join the call normally.

Will the candidate know they’re being recorded?

Yes, because they will accept (or not) up front.

Can the candidate opt out?

Yes (see above).

Can someone opt out halfway if they change their mind about being transcribed?

There’s no “cancel transcription” button, but they can leave the call, immediately rejoin, and decline transcription.

Is it a GDPR compliant?


What service is used to generate transcripts?


Even if the feature is turned off at the organizational level, does it record transcriptions anyway?

No. There are three requirements to record transcription.

  1. The feature has to be turned on in organization settings.
  2. Pad participants have to use built-in CoderPad calling.
  3. Pad participants have to agree to transcription when joining the call.

Does it record everyone in the pad or just those who agree?

Just those who agree.

How do I use closed captioning?

Click the CC button in “full size” video mode.

How long are transcripts saved?

Transcripts are saved as long as the pad is saved. Customers can delete any pad, which will also fully delete the transcript from our data storage. If you use the auto-pad-delete setting, the transcript will be deleted along with the pad at that time.

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