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Anonymizing candidates

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Anonymize candidate invitations

Follow the instructions below to invite candidates to Screen tests without entering personal data.

✅ Candidates must be set up properly in your external tracking systems in order to associate your candidate with their corresponding test. 

  1. In your external Applicant Tracking System (ATS), or any other candidate management software or file, make sure all candidates have unique IDs.
  2. In Screen, enter the unique IDs in the Name field of the invitation window. 
  3. Enter your recruiter email address in the Email field, NOT your candidate’s email address.
  4. You’ll receive the invitation link by email which you can then share with your candidate.
  5. When the candidate finishes their test, you’ll receive an email saying that candidate <unique-id>‘s report is available.
  6. Associate the unique ID with the candidate in your tracking systems.
The candidate invite screen is shown with a list of candidates. In the name field is non-name identification text.

Anonymize or delete already invited candidates

You may need to anonymize or delete a candidate who has already been invited to a test.

Go to the test the candidate was invited to and tick the box to the left of their name.

Next, click on the menu on the top left. 

Candidate list is shown with a checkbox checked next to the candidate's email address. An arrow is pointing toward the bulk menu dropdown that says "1 selected".

Select Anonymize or Delete from the dropdown list.

The bulk selection menu is shown with export, anonymize, update status, and delete items shown.

✅ Selecting Export generates settings for exporting the candidate’s test report.


Click Anonymize this application.

Anonymize candidate window is shown with a warning about the anonymization process and "cancel" and "anonymize this application" buttons shown below that.

The line in the Candidates list remains, but with no personal details. The report remains available, but without the candidate’s name. 

An anonymized candidate is shown in the candidate list, the name field is empty.


Click Delete this candidate to remove the candidate and all their details from the system.

The delete candidate page is shown with a delete warning in the middle and a "Cancel" button and "delete this candidate" button below that.

You can anonymize or delete several candidates at once. 

⚠️ Caution: Anonymizing and deleting like this is only valid for the specific test. If you invited your candidate to several tests, you must repeat the process on each test.