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Pad bulk actions

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To carry out bulk pad actions, you’ll first need to navigate to the Pads List and select the pads that you want to end or remove (1). To select all the pads, select the checkbox on the header row (2).

A list of pads. You can select pads individually (there's a checkbox on the left of each pad in the list) or all pads by selecting the checkbox in the header row.

Once you select the pads, you’ll see options to either end the pad (End Selected) or delete the pad (Delete Selected):

4 pads have been selected in the list. At the top above the header row it says "4 pads selected" with an "End selected" and "delete selected" button next to that.

End Selected will end the pad if it has not yet been ended by the interviewer, this will enable you to view the playback and prevent candidates from working further on the assessment.

Delete Selected will remove the pad permanently from the Pad List

You’ll then get a confirmation screen asking you if you’re sure you want to end or delete the selected pads:

The delete pads confirmation windowThe end pads confirmation screen

Once confirmed, the selected pads will be ended or deleted.