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In-pad settings allow you to customize your coding experience by applying common IDE functionality to the interview pad. These settings are global and affect all your pads.

Click the Settings button in the lower-right corner of the pad to see the options.

The settings window. On the top is the editor settings where you can set the color theme, key bindings, font size, tab spacing, intellisense, and auto-close brackets. On the bottom is the pad settings where you can enable/disable the waiting room, review playback history, or open up your account settings.

Editor settings

Editor settings allow interviewers and candidates to adjust code input and visual settings.

✅ The Editor Settings will only affect your particular view of the pad. They will not affect how others in the pad will see it. For example a candidate can change their font size to 16px, but that won’t change the font size for the interviewer.

Key bindings

Choose from standard text editor key bindings, Emacs, or Vim. 

❗Vimium is not compatible with our Vim mode.

Font size

Select your preferred font size for the editor and terminal from the dropdown menu.

Tab spacing

Customize the tab size used for indentation in the pad’s selected programming language. You can have unique spacing settings per language.

Code autocompletion

Enable code autocompletion for C, C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Python, Ruby, and Swift 5. 

Trigger autocomplete in the pad by typing .:

The autocomplete menu is shown for a javascript array.

Or Ctrl + space:

The autocomplete menu is shown for javascript.

Auto-close brackets

Have the pad deal with bracket-closure while you’re coding.

Color scheme

Adjust the color scheme to your preference; light or dark.

Pad settings

Pad settings allow interviewers to customize an assessment ahead of the interview, have immediate access to playback mode for reviewing, and quickly access account settings.

Pad type

Set the pad session to be a live interview or take-home assessment.

Code execution

Disable code execution if your focus is solely on writing code and you are not interested in any output.

Waiting room

This setting keeps the pad URL private until you are ready to start the interview, and instead redirects candidates and other users to a waiting room:

The waiting room window that reads: "Welcome to your interview at coderpad. the interview is currently locked. once the interviewer is ready to begin, this page will automatically refresh and unlock the coding environment. good luck! Pad Status: The status below will update as the interviewers joins and opens the pad. pad is locked." below that it says " first time here? view our pad overview video below".

This means that any user that is not a part of your organization will not be able to access the pad until you admit the user either by selecting the Admit button in the blue banner at the top (1) or by disabling the Waiting Room option in the pad settings (2).

The settings menu is displayed in the center, with a number 2 next to the waiting room toggle. At the top the "admit" button is highlighted next to the number 1.

The waiting room option is helpful when the candidate has a link to the pad but you don’t want them to access it until the interview starts. You can also use it when you want to edit or modify the pad after the link has been sent to the candidate.

Playback history

Access playback mode for completed interviews and take-home projects.

Account settings

Go to your account settings.