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You’ll need to get your API-Key and secret for your Jobvite account.

Step 1: Contact Jobvite about the integration

You’ll need to reach out to Jobvite to have them setup the integration for you. They will walk you through the process.

Step 2: Configure the integration in CoderPad

1. Reach out to CoderPad Customer Support and ask them to activate your integration.

1.Go to (or if you are on the EU server).

2. Fill in your Jobvite API-Key and secret (note that these 2 values are stored in an encrypted format), then click Test configuration.

In Screen the jobvite configuration screen is shown with the API key and Secret fields displayed.

3. Once the configuration has been verified, click Enable. This will create a few Custom fields in Jobvite, you can see them in Admin ⇒ Configurations ⇒ Custom Fields ⇒ Candidate.

The Jobvite custom fields screen is shown with new custom fields shown, including "coderpad screen: test name" and "coderpad screen: start date".

4. Now you can link your job requisition to tests, and see a list of all job requisitions that are linked to a test.

A section titled "Link a jobvite requisition to a test" with "jobvite requisition" field and "test" fields displayed and a "link the requisition to the test" button.
The "tests" section is shown with a "jobvite requisition" column and "test" column displayed.

Using the integration

In Jobvite, open the candidate’s profile you’d like to send a Screen test to, and click Proceed to CoderPad Screen: Send Test.

The candidate screen is shown with the "proceed to coderpad screen: send test" button is highlighted.

You’ll then notice the status has changed to CoderPad Screen: Send Test.

The candidate screen with the "coderpad screen: send test" status is highlighted.

A test will be sent to the candidate; this may take up to 10 minutes. Once the test has been sent, the status will change to CoderPad Screen: Test Sent.

The candidate screen with the "coderpad screen: test sent" status is highlighted.

You’ll see the status change as the candidate proceeds through the testing process.

Once the candidate reaches the CoderPad Screen: Test Completed stage, the results of the test will be visible in the Application Details section of the candidate profile.

The candidate screen is shown with the status "coderpad screen: test completed" status is shown. the "application details" section is also shown.