Gamification and candidate experience

96% of candidates who start a CoderPad Screen test, finish it. Relevant and enjoyable tests are key to candidate experience.

  • Coding games
  • Familiar IDE
  • Language choice
  • Custom messages
  • Instant results share
  • Anxiety reduction
coderpad screen coding games challenges

Gamified coding exercises

Screening tests don’t have to be boring. Game-based programming exercises let candidates show their skills in a fun way.

  • Coding controls the action to win the game.
  • Visual rendering interacts in real-time with candidates’ code.
  • Free practice on our community,, loved by 3 million developers.

Familiar, intuitive IDE

Candidates can use our IDE immediately. Zero learning curve. Zero stress. Just a great experience.

  • VS Code-based editor with features, including error highlighting and autocompletion.
  • Real-time code execution to quickly verify code with test cases.
  • Accessibility features, such as dark mode and keyboard navigation.
CoderPad Screen offers a library of robust language-independent questions

Language-independent questions

Let candidates choose the language they feel most confident with to solve coding problems.

  • Available in 13 languages: C, C#, C++, Go, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, PHP, Python 3, Ruby, Scala, Swift, TypeScript.
  • Focus on problem-solving rather than rote memorization of language features.
  • Identify adaptability and ability to apply their skills across different technologies.

Optimized communication with candidates

Screen makes it easier to keep the candidate in the loop.

  • Customize messages on invitation, test beginning and end.
  • Automatically share test results for instant feedback.
  • English, French and Spanish available for questions, the test interface, and emails.

Eliminate test anxiety

Reduce test stress so candidates can show their true skills.

  • Practice tutorials based on test content so candidates can get comfortable first.
  • Take a break during longer tests and you can create tests without a timer.
  • Second chance option so candidates can ask to try again if situations arise.