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Ashby for Interview

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This guide will walk you through integrating your Interview account with Ashby, allowing you to use live interviews and take-home tests in your interview plans and when scheduling interviews with candidates.

  1. Obtain Interview API key
  2. Ashby setup
  3. Adding take-home tests
  4. Adding live interviews

⏱️ The take-home test time limit is set to 2 hours for all ATS integrations and is unable to be changed at this time.

1. Get your API Key from Interview

Log into your Interview account and then follow the instructions in this link to obtain your API key.

2. Ashby Setup

Navigate to Ashby and select Admin. Next, click Integrations on the left panel of the screen. Select CoderPad and click Enable CoderPad.

AShby dashboard with the integrations left nav menu item selected. The coderpad option is shown on the integrations page.

Then, paste the Interview API key that you obtained from your Interview account into the CoderPad API Key section in the Ashby app.

The coderpad setup screen is shown on the Ashby integrations page. There are fields to enter the coderpad api key, ashby api key, and the staging base url.

Lastly, select Ashby API Key and create a new API key. You won’t need to copy the Ashby API Key.

3. Adding take-home tests

Now that the integration is configured, you can start sending take-home assessments to candidates.

To add an Interview assessment at the interview plan level, go to the interview plan you want to update and click on + Activity on the stage you want to add a CoderPad take-home assessment to.

A job window is opened in Ashby with the "Add activity" pop-out window shown on the right. The "coderpad" option is highlighted under "integrations".

Click on CoderPad from the list of Activities that opens on the right side of the page and select the assessment you’d like candidates to complete at this interview stage. When a candidate reaches the stage the take-home is assigned to, an activity will show up on their profile indicating that they should be sent an assessment.

To send an assessment to a candidate, click on Start Assessment on the activity on the candidate’s profile. The candidate will be emailed a link to the selected take-home assessment. As they complete the assessment, its status will be updated in Ashby. It may take up to 4 hours for assessment statuses to be reflected in Ashby.

A candidate window is shown with the "coderpad assessment" block shown under "current activities".

4. Adding live interviews

Alternatively, you can automatically attach live interview pad links to interview invitations by checking a box when scheduling an interview in Ashby.

You can also check the box at the interview schedule level so that live Interview pads will be created for all interviews by default.

The Interview link will be included in both interviewer and candidate invitations.

The scheduling page is open for a candidate. The integrations section with "attach coderpad live link?" section is highlighted.

You can now start sending Interview assessments in your Ashby interview plans and live Interview Links when scheduling interviews with candidates.