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Creating questions for technical interviews is hard! Use CoderPad Example Questions as a foundation to building out a tailored, effective interview process. Copy and edit Example Questions to make them unique to your company’s hiring needs.

Example Questions are provided in the Question Bank for our 10 most popular coding languages, and are available on Team, Business, and Enterprise plans. We include a sampling of Example Questions on our Team plan. Upgrade to a Business plan or above to get access to our full library of 50+ Example Questions. They are examples of proven interview questions plus solutions that can easily be customized for your company’s interviewing goals. You can also use them as a foundation to write your own questions.

Before you take a look at our examples, think about the positions you are hiring for, the skills an engineer needs to be successful in the position, and what potential questions you could use to gauge those skills.

Solutions to Example Questions are included for all 10 supported languages, so your team can easily compare a candidate’s work to a good/better/best solution. When you use an Example in a live pad, interviewers will be able to see the Solution in a separate tab (not visible to candidates). The Solution will also be available for any take-home project reviewers.

Example Questions are available for a variety of interview scenarios and difficulty levels. They are difficulty-rated Easy/Medium/Hard, and can be filtered by both difficulty and language in the Question Bank. Check out the full details of an Example Question to see “Candidate Instructions”, “Starter Code”, and “Solutions”. 

Creating your own Questions, Live Pads, and Take-Home Projects from Examples

You can click “Edit a Copy” on any Example question and then choose whether you want to modify and save it as a Live or take-home project question. You also can choose take-home project with Test Cases, adding your own custom test cases in the next step.

If you would like to use the Example questions as-is, you can click on either the “Create Live Pad” or “Create Take-Home” buttons to create a Live/take-home project pad with the Example question.

CoderPad Example Questions in the Question Bank