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Just announced: We now support interviewing in spreadsheets!
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Spreadsheets in CoderPad Interview


Recruiting candidates for roles in finance, sales, operations, accounting, data, or any others that regularly use spreadsheets?

I am excited to announce that you can now use CoderPad to assess your candidates’ spreadsheet skills to see how they concatenate, navigate pivot tables, do a VLOOKUP and more!

If I spend 5 minutes with someone in a spreadsheet, I can immediately tell if they know what they are doing or not.

Brian Galvin
VP of Finance, CoderPad

‘Traditional’ hiring process – ineffective and a poor candidate experience

Until now, there has not been a good way to interview candidates whose success in the role is dependent on how skilled they are in spreadsheets. Traditional spreadsheet-based interviews typically result in a poorly defined process that looks sort of like this:

  1. Send a spreadsheet by email to the candidate
  2. The candidate either works on their own time or…
  3. The interviewer watches them work on a Zoom

There’s no collaboration, no ability to add live comments or take good notes, and overall is a poor experience for interviewers and candidates alike.

Spreadsheet interviewing now made easy with CoderPad

Now with CoderPad Interview, you can collaborate in real time with your candidates using a fully-functional instance of Google Sheets:

  • Create a question in Google Sheets that can be used for every interview
  • Include task instructions that are clear to the candidate
  • Video chat with candidates with embedded video (no need to have several apps open)
  • Add new tabs in your spreadsheet
  • Take private notes only viewable by you that are saved to the interview

We’re excited to bring this new functionality to help hiring managers level up the way they interview for spreadsheet skills.

Test candidates spreadsheet skills today, with an unlimited 14-day trial

If you want to play around a bit with the spreadsheet environment, take it for a test drive in the sandbox below.