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Interactive, Hands-On Code Challenges on LinkedIn Learning & CoderPad


CoderPad is on a mission to create a more inclusive and strong tech community. Since our inception, we’ve focused on building a technical hiring platform that lets companies standardize their interview process and evaluate candidates based on their skills. With the advances in AI and tech, these skills are changing fast. So today, we are […]

CoderPad Subscriptions Now Include Both Screen and Interview


We have exciting news. You’ll get access to two products, Screen and Interview, in one platform. With our improved platform, you can expect a more objective, fair, accurate, and cost-effective process that will help you find the best candidate for your team. In 2021, we acquired CodinGame for Work, which provides screening tests to assess […]

CoderPad Reloaded

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This is an important step in the evolution of technical interviews. We see interviewing as an authentic evaluation of the skills someone actually needs to thrive in the job. Frameworks make it even easier to achieve this.