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The 2023 CoderPad year in review

Announcements , Product Updates

What would the end of the year be without a good countdown? Please enjoy the top features the CoderPad team thinks will help you make hiring and interviewing more real, fast and fair in 2024.

Happy holidays and cheers to a healthy and prosperous new year!

CoderPad Screen

Custom multiple-choice question import tool

Import hundreds of multiple-choice questions in seconds through a .csv file with the new question import tool. By adding your own custom content, you can create tests that are more specific to business and use cases, and provide a better candidate experience.

New cheating alerts

Get alerts when candidates’ behavior or performance is unusual, or if plagiarism is detected. Feel confident that candidates’ answers are based on their knowledge and skills.

Redesigned question editor

Easily create your own coding questions to match the role-required skills perfectly. Creating your own coding exercise with clearly outlined steps is now very quick. As a bonus, custom questions are much more resistant to cheating and answerable by ChatGPT. 

New question bank viewer 

Explore the question bank without the need to create a test. Browse through all the questions, including any custom questions you’ve created, and filter them by type, duration, difficulty, skill, domain, and source.

AI-generated follow-up questions

Challenge candidates’ answers with follow-up questions. Ensure they have the required skills and can back up their answers. The follow-up questions are automatically generated by AI, based on the specific code the candidate provides.

New games available

New games have been released throughout the year to ensure a higher test completion rate and improve candidates’ experience. All games are language-agnostic. Look for:

  • Interlocked Blocks
  • Transform an array using 2×2 patterns
  • Moving atoms on a grid

New accessibility features

We’ve added new features to our IDE to make it more accessible and improve the experience for both users and candidates: 

  • Keyboard navigation: users can now navigate our IDE using their keyboards, without the need of a mouse or a trackpad. 
  • Reducing horizontal scrolling: adapted content sections to remove horizontal scrolling for better navigation on smaller screens.
  • Theme high-contrast: the IDE is now adjusting with the high contrast mode, allowing better accessibility and visibility for partially sighted persons.

New test creation flow

Creating a test has never been easier! Instead of scrolling through options, you can now select a role and see suggestions for related technologies, speeding up the test creation and making it even easier for non-technical team members to create tests.  A smart search will also help you spot the right technologies by handling spelling mistakes and synonyms.

Java 17

Test candidates on Java 17 features like: including sealed classes, pattern matching for instanceof, text blocks, records, switch expressions, and more. This update enables candidates to showcase their knowledge of this version.

Test list and sort filters

A new test page for you to navigate easily through all existing tests and find a test without the need to scroll anymore. We added:

  • See the test with the most recent activity or the test with the most candidates
  • Find the tests you need with the advanced search options
  • Delete or archive tests in bulk.

CoderPad Interview

Data science interviews and Jupyter Notebooks

Interview data scientists in a realistic, collaborative Jupyter Notebooks environment, with increased processing power, the ability to import any package you need, and the interviewer tools you’re used to having with CoderPad.

Multi-file projects

Conduct more realistic interviews with a straightforward multi-file layout. Drag & drop your own project files into the file tree to get started, organize code just like on your own computer and use the built-in shell to install any packages or libraries.

Candidate waiting room

Customize the waiting room with your branding and logo, welcome message, videos, images and more, so candidates are reassured they’re in the right place if they arrive before the interviewer.

AI Assist

Provide interviewees with ChatGPT access within the pad to showcase their prompt engineering skills and assess their critical thinking processes. All prompts and generated data are recorded and accessible in the code playback when the interview ends.

Drawing mode updates

Boost your interviews with visual prompts, saving time and creating a dynamic and realistic experience to engage your interviewees. Sketch together in real-time with an easy-to-use tool to visualize your interview.


Automatically follow another pad participant’s cursor around the pad as they write code, even when they switch between different files in frameworks pads. 

Save your code from a pad or sandbox as a question

Save a snapshot of the code in a pad or sandbox as a draft question, to use it for future interviews. You can add instructions and more, and finalize your question from the drafts folder. 

Drag & drop files into a frameworks pad

Drag and drop your folders or files into the file tree of a frameworks pad, and your files will upload immediately. You can clone a repo and drag and drop a folder from your desktop.

Copy-paste detection in Code Playback

Gain more insight into your candidate’s code with copy-paste detection in playback. The copied content from an external source is highlighted with a yellow dot.

Refreshed languages menu

The search bar and the new categories filter will make it easier for you to navigate our growing list of languages, frameworks, and notebooks. Each language also has additional information about its configuration details and libraries – hover and select “Info”.


Shared experience

This year, CoderPad introduced the product switcher to navigate between Screen and Interview products without needing to log in again or join from another environment. All users can benefit from both products at no additional cost, and your plan credits can be used in Screen or Interview.