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CoderPad Announces Integration of Jupyter Notebooks to Elevate Data Science Interviews that Replicate Everyday Work; Strengthen Hiring Decisions


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Hiring teams now have more support to evaluate candidates’ analytical, technical and communication skills

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 12, 2023 — CoderPad today announced it has added support for four types of Jupyter Notebook, Minimal, R, TensorFlow, SciPy, to further its work on bringing more real-world interviewing to teams and to uplevel the interview process for data science candidates. Hiring teams can now create tailored interview questions for both live interviews and take home projects that reflect real-world scenarios to better assess candidates’ skills.

In addition to the Jupyter Notebook integration, CoderPad has also upgraded its processing power to cater to projects that involve extensive data sets. This set of enhancements enable candidates to tackle complex data-driven challenges, further mirroring on-the-job experience for better predictors of success to make it easier for managers to assess talent while giving candidates a better candidate experience.

“CoderPad’s improved feature set for data science interviews provides companies with the most realistic way to interview data engineers and scientists by mirroring the way they would work through real on-the-job projects,” said Amanda Richardson, CEO, CoderPad. “Interviewers are able to customize the data science environment to better assess candidates’ thought processes, their ability to draw conclusions and communicate clearly, ultimately leading to more effective, insightful hiring decisions.

This update is the latest step in CoderPad’s mission to improve the technical hiring process, ensuring companies are confident in their candidate assessments and hiring decisions by letting the skills say it all. CoderPad also enhances the interview process for candidates, who will immediately know how to navigate the interview environment that replicates their day-to-day work, and allow them to better display their skills and knowledge.

Support for Jupyter Notebook is now live in CoderPad Interview. Find out how CoderPad’s skills-based technical hiring platform makes interviewing a better experience.