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CoderPad Partners with NachoNacho


CoderPad today announced its partnership with NachoNacho, a one-stop-shop for businesses to manage, discover and save on all their SaaS products. 

NachoNacho is the world’s largest B2B SaaS marketplace. Partnering with NachoNacho will allow new companies to discover CoderPad’s products and ultimately make their technical hiring processes faster, fairer, and more real. 

“Partnering with NachoNacho represents an opportunity for a new group of companies that are hiring developers  to find and benefit from our tools. The more companies that uplevel their  hiring process with CoderPad, the closer we will get to achieving our mission of creating a more inclusive and strong tech community,” said Arpan Jhaveri, VP Marketing at CoderPad. 

NachoNacho customers can discover and purchase CoderPad using NachoNacho cards beginning today.