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CoderPad’s Vision For Tech Hiring In 2024 – With A Bold New Look


It’s a New Year and with it, CoderPad is refreshing our look to kickstart a bold, impactful year of technical hiring at companies across the globe.

These changes reflect our dedication to breaking the status quo in technical hiring and pushing to foster transparency in the process. We are here to empower you with the tools you need to make your developer hiring process a success.

Last year, we saw the tech job market shift significantly from the highest of highs to countless rounds of layoffs and endless uncertainty. We witnessed ChatGPT shake the industry to its core and make a massive impact on how we think about and do work. It was a year of big changes for tech and beyond. 

What hasn’t changed though is CoderPad’s commitment to make technical hiring better.

We continuously improve and evolve to match the reality of the tech industry, and to enable companies like yours to create the best possible hiring experience for candidates, talent acquisition teams, and engineering managers. 

Our new identity matches the bold ambition we emanate.

It reflects the goal core to our DNA: to make technical hiring faster, fairer, and more real. We’re challenging the norm, aiming to reduce bias at every stop in the hiring journey, and helping teams create an environment where true skills-based hiring is the reality. 

No matter what success looks like for you in 2024—building out a new team, filling spots on an existing one, developing new roles to harness the power of AI, or upskilling your current staff—CoderPad is here, bolder and more steadfast than ever before.

Happy 2024 everyone!