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Try the sandbox

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We understand you want to be prepared for your interviews. Play around in the CoderPad IDE ahead of your interview and get familiar with the set up.

We recommend trying out these features before your interview:

  • Code Execution — Write some code in the language of your choice, and click on the run button in the top left hand corner to view the execution of that code.
  • Settings — Play around with your pad settings to make it as similar to your regular IDE as you’d like. Set up key bindings, tab spacing, code autocompletion, and more.
  • Language Information — You have the opportunity to select over 30+ languages in CoderPad’s IDE. To view more information about the version of the language, and packages/libraries available with each, simply click on the “Info” button next to the language selection dropdown.

Accessing the sandbox

1. As a new tab in your browser, click here.

2. Or just use the embedded version: