Frontend Frameworks online IDE & code editor for technical interviews

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Launch the environment

Guidelines to use Frontend Frameworks in this online IDE

CoderPad provides you with a multi-file app to give your candidates a more realistic frontend coding experience. We currently support the following frameworks:

  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue
  • Svelte
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript

✅ You can find more information on each framework and its settings by viewing the file located in the file directory.

When you select a frontend framework to code in, you’ll notice a multi-pane window that’s similar to what you’d find in popular IDEs.

  1. The first pane displays the contents of the active file selected in the file tree.
  2. The second pane renders the output of your application.
  3. The third pane provides an interactive shell, server log output, and a console.
  4. A URL is provided if you’d like to open the rendered app in a separate window.

Make sure that candidates do not do all their work from the shell – instruct them to make changes directly in the files to ensure their code shows up in playback.

Dependencies and libraries

CoderPad supports npm command usage via the shell. This means that you can npm i any version of any library in the package ecosystem. You can also create an .npmrc file to customize the install logic of npm.

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