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Editing your profile

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You can edit profile information like your your details, login information, and signature by clicking on your name > User Profile. You can also add a profile picture that will be visible on the left hand CodinGame menu in place of your initials.

An arrow pointing to a user name and another arrow point to the profile drop down with the "user profile" option highlighted.

✅Your signature can be linked automatically to the email your candidates receive when you send them a test invitation.

Notification emails will be sent to the email address provided here as well. 

The user profile with first name, last name, country, language, phone number, job title, and profile picture fields displayed.
Email address window shown on the left with current email, new email, and your password fields displayed. password window on the right with current password, new password, and confirm password fields displayed.

If you wish to edit your password, you can find more information on how to do so here.