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CoderPad is able to integrate with popular application tracking systems (ATS) and scheduling applications.

Who Can Set up Integrations with CoderPad?

Any admin on your CoderPad account can configure Integrations using your organization’s Integrations settings (assuming your plan supports it).

Currently, CoderPad’s Team, Business, and Enterprise plans support SSO. You can start a free trial of the Team plan today to try these integrations within your organization.

☎️ If you have any questions about getting access to or setting up integrations, we are happy to help you out. Contact us and we’ll help get things sorted.

Supported Integrations

To quickly find your organization’s settings for integrations, have an admin access the Integrations settings page in CoderPad.

Here’s the current list of supported CoderPad integrations:


Live pads and take-home projects can be sent to candidates directly from Greenhouse.


When your CoderPad interviews are complete, the submitted CoderPad pads and candidate history are tracked in Greenhouse.

Live Integration Guide


After a take-home project is complete, review test case results and see candidate progress directly in Greenhouse.

Take-Home Project Integration Guide


Automatically set up CoderPad sessions for upcoming interviews through Lever.

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Generate CoderPad sessions automatically when an interview is scheduled in GoodTime.

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Smart Recruiters

You can  automatically create CoderPad interview sessions and record the results within SmartRecruiters.

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Use Prelude Coordinate’s CoderPad integration to create CoderPad Live links while you schedule interviews within Prelude.

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Create Live Interview sessions directly in your dashboard with the CoderPad + iCIMS integration.

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Create Live interview pads straight from your Chrome browser or Google Calendar app.

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