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What The Way Forward Looks Like


Jeremy Levine, partner at Bessemer Venture Partners, shared his thoughts on a new landscape reshaped by the coronavirus for CoderPad’s just-launched Good Perspective series.

SQL Interview Questions


If you’ve ever interviewed technical talent, you know that the pressure is on to accurately assess candidates’ skills, experience and fit.

4 Things to Ignore on a Technical Resume

Getting Hired

So you’re reviewing a stack of technical resumes, trying to get to the next stage – the phone screen – but it’s slow going. Meanwhile, you’re getting pinged on Slack, your boss is texting, and your to-do list just keeps growing.

Javascript Interview Questions For Candidates


There’s no question that Javascript has a major place in the canon of programming languages. If you haven’t already, the odds are good you’ll eventually need to put candidates through their paces and see just how conversant they are in this front-end tool.