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Code Challenge: Hotel Booking Demand

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This two part challenge aims to test your understanding of how you can interact with data and explore it to unveil important hidden information as well as craft visualizations that spotlight various aspects of the dataset.

Code Challenge: Consuming API In Spring

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In Spring applications, consuming APIs is a common requirement for interacting with external services or fetching data from remote servers. Complete the API consumption methods for the students endpoints in this code challenge.

Code Challenge: Django Models

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Django is a popular Python framework for building web applications. Test your knowledge of models by improving the Django application in this code challenge.

Code Challenge: React Controlled Input

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State management is a method of controlling communication between different parts of state and their usage, including React components. Test your knowledge on state management by improving the React app in this code challenge.

Code Challenge: Vue Counter App

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Vue is a popular JavaScript library for building frontend applications and user interfaces. It builds on HTML, CSS and JavaScript and employs a declarative model for building components. Test your Vue knowledge by improving the counter application in this code challenge.